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Our owner Luc only originally joined us for a two week trial

Our building was transformed from a small human GP practice into a veterinary centre in the early 1960s. It was then bought by our much loved predecessor William McNich in the 1970s.

Soon after purchasing the practice the land next door to it became available. This proved to be a fantastic opportunity for William as it allowed him to extend his practice and introduce state-of-the-art theatres.

William had a strong interest in caring for small animals; something he was keen to share with all of his employees. This became apparent to Luc Van Dijck in 1992, when he became an assistant to William mere months after graduating from veterinary school in Belgium.

Luc originally joined William for a two week trial period. However, four years later in 1996 he found himself still working for his friend and mentor. It was at this time that William informed Luc that he would be retiring, and would very much like Luc to take over the practice.

Despite being apprehensive about taking on such a huge responsibility at such a young age, Luc stood up to the challenge. He began by giving the practice a face lift and investing in new equipment. The centre underwent a major refurbishment and extension in 1998, and we’ve continued to make small changes over the years to keep up with the times.

Today we continue to offer the highly recommended services William McNish offered previously. Our dedication to small animal care is unrivalled and despite having a small practice, we have a huge drive to offer the most modern services veterinary medicine has to offer.

In 2003 we were all saddened by the news that William had lost his battle against a serious illness. Despite leaving the practice years before his death, William was a regular face at our practice, always sharing advice from his 40 years’ experience working with animals.