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Harmonic Scalpel

Harmonic scalpel is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows faster, more accurate surgical procedures

In the unfortunate circumstance that your furry friend requires surgery, you want to know that they’re in the very best hands don’t you? You want to know that the most advanced equipment has been used, and that your pet will be back to normal as quickly as possible.

At Luc Van Dijck Veterinary Clinic we invest heavily in the very latest surgical equipment so that we can conduct faster and more accurate procedures. One of the tools that enables us to do this is called a Harmonic Scalpel.

Harmonic Scalpel is based on the creation of controlled harmonic waves. When these waves are passed through the special hand instrument - which looks a little like a pair of scissors - the tissues inside an animal’s body will be carefully cut. At the same time this is happening, the equipment also seals a narrow strip of tissue on the other side of the cut.

The best way to think of how a Harmonic Scalpel works is a zip. Whilst one end of the zip is open, the other end is being closed together.

There are a number of benefits to conducting a surgical procedure using Harmonic Scalpel. These include:

  • Minimal collateral tissue damage
  • Very little blood loss
  • Faster and gentler surgery
  • Reduced discomfort and healing time

Harmonic Scalpel is fast becoming an invaluable instrument in many surgical procedures, particularly the removal of large tumours and laparoscopic procedures such as lap spay (neutering).

If you would like more information about Harmonic Scalpel, or to book an appointment to see one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling our practice on 01942 242464, or send us an email to