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Health checks & Vaccinations

Make sure the new addition to your family is given a great start in life

Health Checks

When you get a new pet you want the very best for them don’t you; they’re part of the family now after all. You want your furry friend to settle down nicely, spend lots of time with you and grow up without any health worries.

Pet health check At Luc Van Dijck Veterinary Centre your new pet will receive a thorough check up when they come to visit us for their initial vaccinations. This consists of two visits a few weeks apart and means that we’re able to keep a close eye on your young pet’s development. We can also make sure your furry friend doesn’t have any underlying health problems.

After your pet has been vaccinated you will be invited to bring them to see us for an additional health check once they’re six months old. You will then only be required to bring your furry friend to see us annually.


A vaccination is a relatively painless injection that is given to your pet to build their immunity against specific diseases. It is extremely important that your puppy, kitten or baby rabbit is vaccinated at an early age to prevent them from nasty common conditions that could be potentially fatal.

In the majority of cases animals are given two injections a couple of weeks apart. They are then required to have a booster injection once a year to keep their immunity levels high.

Luckily for your furry friend, our veterinary professionals have years of experience administering vaccinations. This means that they’re skilled enough to cause as little pain and stress as possible. So you really have nothing to worry about.

  • Puppies should receive their first vaccination between 8 and 10 weeks of age, and their second 2 weeks later. They can be protected against:

    Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Herpes Virus and Kennel Cough
  • Kittens should receive their first vaccination around 9-10 weeks of age, and their second 3 weeks later. They can be protected against:

    Infectious Enteritis, Cat Flu Viruses and Feline Leukaemia Virus
  • Kits (baby rabbits) should be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease. We now use a combination vaccine that protects against both diseases with 1 single shot. The first dose should be given from 5 weeks of age and then an annual booster vaccination should be administered.

    It is particularly important that rabbits kept in areas with a high risk of Myxomatosis or a high population of wild rabbits are kept up to date with vaccinations.

If you would like to know more about vaccinations, or to book an appointment for your pet to see one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling our practice on 01942 242464, or send us an email to