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Laparoscopic Surgery Testimonials

Laparoscopic Surgery Testimonials


Dear Luc,

I felt that I had to write to you to say thank you and your staff so much for looking after Lottie last Friday, the care and kindness shown to us both by all at the Luc Van Dijck Veterinary Centre was superb in every way.

I am so grateful for the fact that when we were discussing Lottie’s spaying you suggested ‘Laparoscopic surgery’. It certainly was the best method I could have chosen for my puppy. Her recovery from the procedure was really unbelievable. As you said it was less traumatic as regards the size of the wound and the fact that it was less invasive. Therefore this enabled her to recover far more quickly from the surgery. The site of the two small incisions meant less licking and therefore the incision site was less liable to infection.

Most importantly was her speed of recovery. The evening we returned home she ate a small meal, and then settled comfortably into her basket slept through until it was time for bed. Lottie then slept soundly, no discomfort at all until morning. On the Saturday morning she was bright and alert and I gave her the pain killers you prescribed, not because she needed them, but because I thought she should have just one tablet. That was it, one tablet; she did not need any pain relief at all after that.

My last dog, Lucy was spayed, using the tradition method. The difference in the speed of recovery and lack of pain was just amazing. I would really recommend Laparoscopic surgery to all owners who are considering having their dog spayed or for procedures which are suitable for this method of surgery. I can honestly say she was back to her normal happy self the very next morning.

Thank you so much for all your advice and the fact that you are always developing your own professional development by training to learn these new methods of veterinary medicine for the benefit of our pet’s wellbeing.

I would be only too happy to pass on my experience of Laparoscopic surgery to other clients who may be unsure. I really would recommend this procedure to any pet owner. I am sure Lottie would too!

With very best wishes,

Ann Rigby and Lottie

Dear Luc and Team,

Our one year old female Hungarian Vizsla Vida is not only the 3rd child in our family but is also each family member’s best friend. Therefore when we decided that she was to be spayed, it was imperative that we found the least traumatic, painful and invasive type of surgery for her. I spent time researching the different types of spay available and was relived to read how Laparoscopic surgery was different from a traditional spay and would therefore better meet our needs for our beloved pet.

I contacted the Veterinary Centre to further discuss the operation and was so cheered to have the information explained simply and concisely with care for the wellbeing of our dog being paramount. Mary also posted more information to us to read at out leisure.

Vida met the Vet who, having introduced himself warmly to her, then kindly talked me again through the surgery and allowed me to stay with our dog while the pre-med took effect. It was a great comfort to settle her down calmly before we left.

A few short hours later Vida was ready to come home and when I picked her up, although a little woozy still, she wagged her tail with gusto, then nose to the floor, was off in search of food!

Luc invited me to view the recording of the surgery which confirmed how relatively un invasive the procedure is and how carefully my dog was treated. I was able to take Vida for a very short walk that evening to allow her some relief, fed her a small meal, was amazed at her lack of pain and was further surprised that her movement was not restricted or hindered in any way. In fact, I had no cause to use the painkillers that Vida had been prescribed to use if required.

The following day, after a long sleep, Vida enjoyed a short walk on her lead and played a little in the garden. By day 3 she was bouncing back with increased vigour having still shown no signs of pain, discomfort or distress and had still not required any pain relief at all.

Within a week the incision sites had healed well, with very minor swelling reduced further and Vida had returned to almost a normal level of exercise. 2 weeks on, all external healing is complete and I have my very lively, very happy dog back living her life to the very fullest.

I would not hesitate to recommend this surgery to anyone whose dog lives a lovely active life as the recovery time is much shorter than standard so the return to enjoyable activity is much faster. From an owners perspective, to know that you have actively chosen a responsible surgery but with the impact of pain dramatically diminished is the most gratifying feeling.

Kindest thanks and warmest regards from

Alan, Laura, Joseph, Eloise and Vida

We decided to change our vets a couple of years back after one of our Cocker Spaniels, Poppy, had a bad experience when being spayed. A friend had had their dog spayed using laparoscopy and been running around a few days later. We contacted the surgery and registered our dogs that week. Since then our experience has been very good in all aspects of the care of our much loved pets. Molly our six year old Spaniel had an on-going ear problem that had lingered for over a year despite many trips to our previous surgery. Luc sorted the problem out within weeks and she has been a different dog since. We also have two Newfoundlands which can be a very difficult to treat simply due to size but again their treatment has been excellent and Luc and all of his staff have an fantastic rapport with our dogs to a point where a trip to the vets is something they enjoy.

Kind regards


I have been with the practice since 2009 having a lot of dogs I had to find a vet that would be there for my dogs and me 24/7 Luc and his staff are second to none they are kind compassionate and very understanding.

My dogs have had lots of procedures done at the practice more recently my Boston Terrier Bella was spayed by keyhole surgery which Luc performed and her recovery time was amazing.

I trust the whole team from Luc & Ian the vets to the veterinary nurses and the lovely receptionist that give you confidence the minute you walk through the door.

At the moment the practice looks after my 2 Boxers and 4 Boston Terriers and I'm sure there will be many more in the future.

Karen Turner

Dear all,

I would like to thank Mr Van Dijck and staff for the professional, yet friendly service provided when my ten month old pup, Penny pictured, underwent a laparoscopic spay. Prior to the operation Mr Van Dijck explained the procedure clearly so we knew what to expect. He pointed out that the laparoscopic spay causes minimal discomfort and has a much quicker recovery time than the open spay. This was borne out by how quickly Penny recovered from the procedure, indeed in Penny's case the next morning she appeared to be back to her normal self. In fact, Penny had such a good experience she was still happy to visit the veterinary centre for her check up.

Many thanks
Deb & Dave Shaw